Nutrition consulting 

While it's important to work out, it is also important to incorporate proper nutritional support. It will help you get the most out of the workouts. With our nutrition consulting we support you throughout your fitness journey by offering you

Flexible diet plans by taking into account your preferences, your nutritional requirements, your health problems (i.e. intolerances, chronic disorders, etc.) & your ultimate goals

Weekly diet update is something we deeply focus on. We help modify the diet on a weekly basis so as to adapt to the changes with your fitness transformation, to ease your journey, to make the diet plan less/more tedious, to avoid a monotonous diet and to keep it as interesting as possible

Support over whatsapp/calls to guide you through any problems you face or queries that you have. You can always lean back on us

Beyond these we also help you to build a strong base of knowledge and experience, and gain an understanding of the food you take in and how it is received by your body, so that you can in the future create your own diet plans!

Exercise consulting 

Exercise and movement is very important and should be done right. e. We want to help you to get the most out of your exercises, and aid you by offering;

Customized plans are something we emphasize on, as every individual has specific needs when it comes to exercise (pain management, weight reduction, core strength building, etc.) and we propose exercises that suits such specific or non-specific requirements.

Plans to suit different settings such as gyms, or home. With this fast paced lifestyle that we all have it might be difficult to hit the gym everyday, but that shouldn't stop you from integrating exercise into your daily routine. We help you plan accordingly and give you tips on what materials or support you can make use of while exercising at home, or which exercise devices suits you better at the gym.

Regular review and updates over Whatsapp, calls or video recordings to assess your progress and to discuss your difficulties, worries or problems.

Personal training 

Whether it's getting in better shape, working out at home, working on injuries, or just learning we will help you achieve your fitness and health goals with a straightforward program that provides;

One-on-One fitness training with your personal trainer over video conferencing. One hour sessions for 5 days a week and timings as per preferences.

Personalized plans that not just help YOU ATTAIN your FITNESS PEAK AND CRUSH YOUR goals but also help to resolve the root cause of ANY  problems, YOU MAY HAVE SUCH AS PCOS, muscle cramps, core weaknesses, etc.

Various formats to choose such as strength, mobility, cardio, core and endurance training. From beginner to advanced trainings, low to high intensity trainings, we offer plans that suit your body, schedule and the time frame set to achieve your desired results.

Most of all, we try to create a fun and healthy workout environment, to keep things lighthearted and to make sure that you are having fun, as well as motivated.

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