Our Commitment 

At Primus Health we strive to help you achieve your Health and Fitness goals while aiding you in improving your quality of life over the long run

Our aim is not only to help with basic issues like weight reduction/gain but also to resolve the root cause of your health and fitness problems, with personalized attention

Our Story

Eilanit Gadkar

A Computer Engineer by education and a dancer at heart Eilanit is pursuing her fondly discovered passion as a Nutritionist & Fitness Professional.

Eilanit worked as a Systems Engineer for 3 years. Wanting to take up her passion for dance to the next level, she became a Certified Zumba Instructor and subsequently left her job in 2019 and started working full time as a Fitness Coach. In February 2020, she also took up a course to be an NSCA certified Functional Trainer.

With the 2020 Lockdown, she somehow found her spark, motivated herself to improve and started her journey to explore the world of Nutrition. She has lost more than 25kgs 

She became a Certified Sports Nutritionist and along with Saurabh Karlekar co-founded Primus Health.

"Be Stronger than your Strongest Excuse"

Saurabh Karlekar

Saurabh entered the world of fitness when he was just a teenager, since then he has been intrigued and curious about the physiological and psychological phenomena that govern our lives.

An Engineer and MBA Grad by education, his interests in the field of fitness and health pushed him to get certified as a nutritionist and a fitness trainer in 2016 post which he has helped numerous people transform their health and improve their overall physical and mental fitness. Saurabh is also certified as a cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner.

Now with Primus Health, He along with Eilanit Gadkar aim to help people transform the most important aspect of their life, Health.

"If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life"

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