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We offer personal consultations to enhance your nutrition and personal fitness. Improving your quality of life is our aim. It’s not just something that we propagate for the sake of it, we live by this principle every day.

Nutrition consulting

Optimizing your fuel
Fitness is not just about working out, it also involves eating healthy. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice things you like. It is about making the right choices, at the right time and we will show you how.

Exercise consulting

prepare for the future
Our mission is to not only to guide you through different exercises but also to deepen your knowledge such that you gain a better understanding of your body and continuously improve on different fronts.

Personal training

NO goal is unattainable
We will help you achieve your goals with personal attention whether that's decreased pain, improved flexibility, improved strength, weight loss or weight gain, and no matter what skill level you are at

Hear from our clientele

”With Primus I am discovering myself and my strengths every day. It's not only about getting into shape but also reaching there with sustainable practices and Eilanit teaches this the right way. Highly recommend Primus, Keep growing!”

- Shivika Pandita

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